31 Magical Rope Lighting Ideas To Create A Fairytale In Your Home

Are you looking for ideas that combine lighting and decor? Do you have some Christmas lights lying around and you want to use them?  Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, rope lighting is one of the best ways to redecorate your property. There are tons of ideas for rope lighting that you can find on the … Read more

8 Ideas for Renovating Your Kitchen And How Allen Roth Can Help You With That

8 Ideas for Renovating Your Kitchen And How Allen Roth Can Help You With That

Remodeling or renovating a kitchen is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and running a home without a kitchen is quite tricky. However, the most challenging part of the whole process is coming up with the ideas for renovation.  Most of us don’t have the budget to afford the services of … Read more

5 Great Ways of Remodeling Your Kitchen On a Tight Budget Infographic

Remodeling your kitchen may be essential to keep it functional and in top shape. However, people tend to suffer from having a limited budget to conduct a remodeling job. A kitchen remodeling can require a significant amount of funds to accomplish but the money spent on it is usually worth it. For example, if you … Read more

21 Lighting Ideas for Rooms Without Ceiling Lights

How can you add a light to a room that doesn’t have a ceiling light? If your house was built a long time ago, there might be no overhead light fixtures.  I recently moved into a house and found it had no ceiling lights, but I decided not to worry much about it. As a … Read more

Why ceiling fans have candelabra bulbs?

Why ceiling fans have candelabra bulbs? #ceilingFan #homeDecor #bulb #fans

Keeping cool in hot weather has been a struggle for mankind since the dawning of time. Thousands of years ago, our only option was to sit in the cool of a cave or under the shade of a tree. Later, in hotter parts of the world, you might have a slave fan you with some … Read more

7 Steps for a Cleaner Home and a Cleaner Environment Recycling Infographic

My husband and I, we both care about the environment. We are trying to make eco-conscious choices where possible.  For example, we decided to swap our soft top Allen+Roth gazebo with a hardtop one to avoid changing the gazebo canopy and thus produce waste. We also opted for Allen Roth quartz countertops because of its … Read more

Allen Roth Tiles

You know those products that you never knew you needed until you actually have it in your hands? That’s exactly how I feel about the Allen Roth tile collection. Every single tile that this brand offers is designed in such a way that my mind immediately wanders off and thinks, “I must find some corner … Read more

5 Kitchen Safety Tips Infographic

Kitchen organizationAre you one of the people for whom cooking is an enjoyable experience? Are you passionate about it? If so, I bet that for you, it’s more than simply preparing food, it’s also a form of personal expression or therapeutic activity. Either way, you might be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, … Read more

Get The Look: Your Guide To Hamptons-Style Interior Decoration

How often do we look for the contemporary options for decorating the interiors of our homes? Yes, that’s something on the mind of everyone who loves their home and wants to keep it their luxurious and relaxing hideaway. Lately, the Hamptons style homes are inspiring most homeowners with their refined and relaxed vibe as they … Read more

Allen and Roth Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Allen and Roth quartz countertops are the newest trend in kitchen decor and for several good reasons. Every time I gaze at any of the models in the quartz collection, I can’t help but feel that they would shine into any kitchen and that Lowe’s has really stepped up its countertop game. With a smooth … Read more

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