Who Makes Allen and Roth Patio Furniture And All You Need To Know About The Warranty

When my husband and I do renovations, the brands of furniture we use is usually up to me. Since this is my responsibility, I like to take some time to find out who exactly is making the furniture I’m purchasing. One of my personal favorites is the Allen and Roth brand that Lowe’s owns.

Here, we will look at exactly who makes each component that goes into the pieces of Allen and Roth’s patio furniture.

Main Parts of Allen Roth Patio Furniture by Lowe’s

Lowe’s offers many options for materials and colors in their Allen Roth patio furniture. For materials, you’ll be able to choose between wicker, aluminum, and steel. These materials will have different advantages but this brand will have you covered no matter what you need.

First, we’ll look at what wicker can do for you. With wicker, you can achieve a casual, beachy look. Lowe’s offers their Allen Roth wicker furniture in both brown and gray, adding a warm look to any décor. If you’d prefer aluminum, however, you have the choices of white and black. This will add a more upscale and modern look than the wicker.

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Allen Roth offers their steel furniture in brown. Steel framed furniture is a good choice since it never goes out of style. It is durable and offers a traditional southern look to any porch or patio. It is important to remember though that each of these materials is different with distinct advantages and warranty policies.

All these frames are usually constructed in China with help from various, outsourced contractors.


One thing that I always look for in the furniture I choose for my home is a good warranty policy. Not only to protect our furniture from the weather and the hands of a preschooler but any damages in manufacturing as well.

Lowe’s limited warranty will protect you from any defaults in the product. This warranty reaches 5 years of coverage for the defects in frames and welding. However, for a year from the date of purchase you are protected from any cracks or bubbles in the furniture’s finish.

If you run into a problem with your Allen+Roth furniture, you can call 1-866-439-9800 between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST.

Cushions and Fabrics

Aside from practicality, I consider how my patio furniture will work and how comfortable it is. This means looking at what types of fabrics this furniture and their cushions use. So, let’s talk about some fabrics that are used in Allen Roth patio furniture.

However, if Lowe’s makes the furniture, then who makes the fabric they use and the cushions that come with them?

Lowe’s actually doesn’t use one company for their furniture, but three – Sunbrella, NeverWet, and Nong Tai. We will look at all of these options, but if you would like to learn more about Sunbrella you can look here, and if you would like to learn more about NeverWet, their website is here. Nong Tai doesn’t have a website right now, unfortunately, so we don’t know much about it currently.

These companies are just as important to consider as Lowe’s Allen Roth patio furniture so you know exactly what you are getting. I was truly impressed, though, after looking into the creators of the fabric. My husband and I have never been disappointed by the quality of the fabric of Allen Roth by Lowe’s patio furniture and now I see why.


This company is based in Anderson, California but also features factories in Suzhou, China as well as Lille, France. This lets them have quality products to companies all over the world without a wait or fail. The United States and Europe, however, host their design teams. This helps them offer the most popular trends in both hemispheres.


The name of this company is quite apt since they offer waterproof protection for furniture. This is especially important for patio furniture since it is constantly exposed to weather. NeverWet even offers some of their own products that will help you make your Allen Roth patio furniture last a long time.

Much like Allen Roth, NeverWet is a brand rather than a company. Rust-oleum owns Neverwet, who creates their products in both the United States and Europe. In the United States, their base of operations is in Vernon Hills, New Hampshire. However, they have American factories in Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Maryland, and other states as well.

What Do We Know About Allen+Roth Patio Furniture by Lowe’s?

The first thing we learned is who makes Allen and Roth patio furniture: Lowe’s through various contractors.The main parts are made in China and the farics are made in different parts of the world.

Lowe’s offers quality and beauty with this brand and have something to go with anyone’s décor. Since they go to great lengths to make sure their furniture will withstand weather, they are an excellent investment as well.

If your furniture doesn’t do as well as you would hope, there’s a warranty to protect you as well! These limited warranties last you from 1 to 5 years, so you have a guarantee that your new furniture will last a long time.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for your ourdoor furniture got broken, call Allen + Roth Customer Care to find out how you can get them. The phone numbers listed on that page are good for not Allen and Roth support in general (and not only for the lighting replacement parts).

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21 thoughts on “Who Makes Allen and Roth Patio Furniture And All You Need To Know About The Warranty”

  1. AR Customer service is terrible – wait times of 35 -75 minutes. Rust on frame of chaise is not warrantied ( on a 6 month old chaise). The slings don”t drain leaving puddles on top and mold underneath. Agent had no recommendation or resolution. Agents appeared disengaged. The company is missing in action.

    Contacted Lowes- got a great agent who is calling AR customer service to address “defective” product. So far she has been on hold for 90 minutes. Now she is a true customer service agent.

  2. Ref. Deck Furniture Table and Chair Set:

    Looking for four (4) Bar Chair seat fabric replacements (model#1106-2)(item #0151737). The frames are good but the seat fabric is starting to wear thru after 4 + 1/2 years.

  3. I need to replace thee fabric covering for an Allen & Roth wicker table lamp . The
    label on the bottom lists the model number as ODP102BRZ. Can you please tell me the cost and ordering procedure.

    Thank you very much!!

  4. Hello, Recently purchased allen roth pergola from lowes at discounted price because of damage. 0878763 is the item number, the part I need is B2 its part of the frame work. If anyone knows where I can buy this part please contact me. Thank you Ernest

  5. I purchased Allen and Roth 12 x 10 Gazebo model #TPGAZ17-002 5/25/17 from Lowe’s. It took till 8/10/17 for me to get it. Kept getting a run around from Lowe’s that there is a back order. Never the less once we got the gazebo and set it up we had to take it down in September. We put it up in may of 2018 and had a full season with it. Had to order a new net as the zipper kept getting stuck and Allen and Roth did send it free of charge. I was very pleased they stood behind their product. the next year 2019 set it up in may and the canopy corner ripped in the seam. I called the company and they said its not covered under the warranty. Hard for me to think that a company would sell a product that the canopy would only last 2 years ( not even 2 years in my case) I paid a lot for this gazebo cuz i thought coming from Allen and Roth I would be getting a AA++ product. That’s not the case. Not very happy that I now have to go purchase a 100.00 replacement canopy already. I would think twice before purchasing Allen and Roth products.

  6. Last year in the Spring, we purchased an Allen & Roth solar tilting umbrella. On the sheet of cardboard that was in the bag with the umbrella, it is called in one location a model #0740200, and in another location a model #8921. It was not purchased at either Lowes/Home Depot or the like, but at a store located about 35 miles from home.
    The problem is the umbrella now seems to have a problem. When extended to it’s fullest it will stay in place, however, while you are extending it, should you not hold the crank handle until it is fully extended, it will back off. Has anyone else had the problem with one of these, and if so did you resolve it? I’ve searched the net, and can’t find a thing on this issue, and can’t even find the model we purchased. I don’t have a problem driving the 35 miles to go back to the store we purchased it from, but I’d like to know if others have had this issue.

  7. I’m looking for guidance in having defective bottom cushion replaced on single chair, it’s part of a 4 piece Piedmont conversation set. The product was purchased March 2018, I expected cushion to last at least 3-5 years without tearing at the seam. I went through customer support (866-439-9800), they were unable to help as they stated it was out of warranty. It’s more of the principal, product such as this should last more than one summer. I take very good care of my patio furniture storing the cushions in a container over night in the summer months and in my house during the winter months. I’ve reached out to Lowe’s store (Canada) where I purchased the product, they were unable to help, I’ve reached out to Lowe’s US, not sure where this will go. Looking for product manufacturer to do the right thing and replace the cushion.
    Model # 11325-3 ; Item # 698131

    Any help would be great.



  8. We bought a 10’x13′ offset model 2012R Allen & Roth umbrella August 1 2016 and today it is unusable. The hand crank mechanism internally broke, the little clutch assembly fractured, and no help from the local Lowes store for parts or replacement. Over a thousand dollars with taxes, for a pole of junk! The fabric faded from grey to a camouflage purple/tan colour in the first summer. ( i even stored the umbrella inside during our winter months). Beware of the store sponsored websites/blogs touting the benefits of store house brands, particularity when you see “exclusive to” to our chain; code for buy our overpriced cheap Chinese junk.

  9. I bought an 11′ square offset A+R umbrella from Lowes coming up 3 years ago and the fabric is SHOT …. I need to replace the fabric part of the umbrella. ANY idea where this is available ???

  10. I purchase a privacy screen from Lowe’s from Allen Roth which they don’tanymore. I wanted to buy second one can I purchase it directly from the company? It was Allen+Roth composite outdoor privacy screen

  11. Allen and Roth have a terrible customer service and warranty for their products.. buyer beware.

  12. Was so excited about the purchase of our Allen+Roth pergola from Lowe’s until we started to put it together. The pillars are mislabeled so we got 4 of the exact same pole, which means the predrilled holes don’t line up. We went to Lowe’s to verify and found we were indeed shipped the wrong poles. We could not order the poles we needed. Lowe’s will reimburse our account after we tear it apart and bring back the entire pergola. Before having this pergola delivered make sure to have the boxes opened. Having never put one together before, it’s not obvious when you do an inventory of parts. Lesson learned the hard way!

  13. I purchased an Allen + Roth patio umbrella. Maybe I’m not too bright, but it’s not clear to me how the tilt mechanism works. All I can see is to depress the tiny buttons (if that’s what they are) in the mechanism to release the lock mechanism.
    Can anyone verify this for me? Or point me in a different right direction? Thank you.

    • Hi Ray,
      It is indeed the most asked question about the umbrella.
      It’s auto tilt so you just keep turning the crank and it starts to tilt. Basically, once umbrella is fully opened, you just keep cranking and it will slowly tilt.
      Check out this Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlNPdYDmxug
      hope it helps!

  14. I need to find out what the warranty is on your umbrella. We bought one last summer and it won’t close completely.

    • Hi Teresa,
      My guess it’s 1 year for metal parts and the mechanism. You can call to the customer service 1-866-439-9800 between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST to find out more details.
      Have a good day!

      • I bought the allen + roth Netley Brown Wicker Rocking Patio Conversation Chair with a Grey Sunbrella Cushion. I’ve been searching and searching for contacting information. The wicker on both chairs have completely come apart. I’m very disappointed I really like my chairs and I’m not sure what to do with them.


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